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No butts about it, when it comes to underwear, comfort is key. Swap your cheeky, wedgie-inducing knickers for a pair of practical, old-school, full bum coverage, grandma-approved pants.

Pair your shorties with our close-fitting, classic camisole – the everyday, year-round, versatile essential. Wear on its own in the warm weather or as a layer beneath your Hug Hoodie during the colder months.

Our Go Shorties & Cami comes packed with features, so many that we had to divide the pattern into 2 views.

VIEW A SHORTIES sit at the top hip, they feature fold over elastic for the leg and waist finishing. They have 2 gusset options, one that fully encloses the gusset seams on the inside and one where no seam is visible from the front.

VIEW A CAMI features fold over elastic for the straps and neck binding. And the option of adjustable straps.

Most suitable for: underwear, sleepwear…

VIEW B SHORTIES sit at the top hip, they feature colour blocking, leg bands and an enclosed elastic waistband or a wide exposed elastic waistband option.

VIEW B CAMI features colour-blocking and the neckline and straps are finished using self-fabric. It has the option to add a built-in bra and the option for adjustable straps.

Most suitable for: loungewear, swimwear, beachwear, sportswear, underwear, sleepwear…


Fabric recommendations

  • Viscose or cotton jersey with at least 5% elastane

  • Stretch lace

  • Mesh

Consider how your fabric is going to feel against your skin. For the gusset of the shorties we recommend 100% cotton for comfort and ventilation.


Co-ordinates with





YOU ARE PURCHASING A PDF FILE  – a fully graded, computer-generated pattern and an easy to follow, full-colour, step-by-step tutorial to help you make a slick and professional garment.

SKILL LEVEL – Easy/Medium

You will need some experience of using sewing patterns and be competent at using your sewing machine and its different functions.

If you have never used fold over elastic before, it may be a little challenging at first but practice makes perfect.

Both the shorties and the camisole are reasonably quick to make but you may find handling small pieces with light fabric a little fiddly.


  • Body measurement size chart (all measurements are listed in both metric and imperial)
  • Finished garment measurement chart
  • Garment technical drawings
  • Instructions for alterations
  • ‘Plan your project’ design sheet
  • Printing instructions
  • Fabric usage chart
  • Fabric recommendations
  • Cutting guide


  • The pattern includes seam allowance.
  • The PDF is layered, so you can choose to print only the size you wish to sew.
  • Be sure to open your PDF using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Can be printed on either A4 or US letter size, then just tile together and cut around the perimeter lines (instructions included).
  • An A0 print shop file is also included, for those who do not have a printer at home or who prefer not to do the taping together.
  • A serger/overlocker is good to have but not essential.

13 reviews for Go Shorties & Cami

  1. Michelle Cahill

    Going to sound like a broken record here, but YES this is a great pattern. I’ve made View A so far. Really enjoyed the sew and the wearing. The shorties fit really welll and the cami is really comfy. Can’t wait to make View B! Eyeing my overstuffed scrap tote of jersey knits right now for some scrap busting!

  2. Anien Salomons

    Go Shorties is one of my favorite undies in my closet, it didn’t wedge (wink) and the waist elastic didn’t bite in my flesh. The Cami is my go to for layering and sleeping (no joke!)

  3. Madeleine

    The Go Shorties are the most comfortable undies I’ve ever worn AND they look amazing too 🎉 They are PERFECT for scrap busting 👍 And as for all of Made It Patterns, you’ll love the filled-with-humour and clear step-by-step tutorial as much as the pattern itself.

    The Go Cami is just as wonderful with its built-in bra! I plan on making myself a swimming kit next! Or, a sports set…? Oh, the possibilities!

    Grab your copy and be warned: this Go Set is addictive to sew and may require you to make space in your dresser 😅

  4. Marit

    This pattern is not only amazing and comfy in fit. Is is the best scrap buster there is! You need it and I promise you you are gonna love it.
    It’s a quick sew and my pairs go straight from drying to wearing to washing 🤣

  5. Karen

    So many options you won’t know which to make first. Different options for straps and also different options for sewing them on. Bra shelf if needed. This set is so comfortable I have walked, exercised and slept in all the different versions I have made. My favourite are made in tencel jersey. Coming into autumn I am now wearing as extra layers. Great construction details all clearly explained.

  6. Marjolein

    I love this pattern. It is easy to sew, very well explained and will give you the comfiest panties and cami you can imagine. I never thought I would sew camies, somehow I couldn’t see the point and was intimidated. And now I am totally addicted. Wearing only my own camies, I threw out all the others! The colour block option is great for scrap busting, especially when sewing the panties. This will be a go to pattern for as long as you sew…..

  7. Toya

    Comfy and versatile. Great easy to follow instructions.

  8. Michelle from @momofthecuriouskids

    Love it! The shorties fit is amazing and the cami is so comfy! Happy that there finally is a play pants for bigger girls 😉
    Be sure to get enough fabric (I love stretch tencel jersey), because you will definitely be making more than one!

  9. Michelle from @momofthecuriouskids

    Love this pattern. The shorties fit is amazing and the cami is so comfy! Happy that there finally is a play pants for bigger girls 😉
    Be sure to get enough fabric (I love stretch tencel jersey), because you will definitely be making more than one!

  10. mariz

    I love this pattern! So many possibilies, sooo comfy to wear, so much fun to.plan and make!

  11. Lotte F

    Love this pattern. The go shorties are SO comfortable. And an easy sew.
    And there are multible options to play around with colorblocking. Great for scrapbusting.
    And the build in bra provides enough support for the Cami to be a decent cover, when the mailman rings the bell in the middel of a quiet relaxation. 😉
    Will be making lots more !!

  12. Kirsten from The flawsome mom

    Loving this so much! After being jealous of my kiddies’ playpants, I van finally indulge in making my own. And they are comfy. Which matters the most to me. Picking out fabrics for some matching sets of go shorts and camies as we speak. I love these patterns!!!

  13. Line

    Love this pattern! It’s so easy to sew, and so comfortable to wear! I see many more of these hanging in my closet soon!

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